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Want to showcase your brand or product before an audience that's strongly interested in health? Then you should advertise in Health Newsbrief and HealthESites, two newsletters that reach a highly targeted audience.

Single-insertion ads are available in both newsletters, but the best value for your advertising dollar is a Sustaining Sponsorship. They're available in 13-, 26-, and 52-week packages.

Sustaining Sponsors have the opportunity to:

  • Build a strong relationship with the newsletters' subscribers by having them repeatedly see your name and message. You're free to run the same ad for the whole period or to change it as often as you like – even weekly.

  • Get the best positions in the newsletters. Sustaining Sponsors receive the best positions available throughout the life of their contracts.

  • Save money. As the newsletters continue growing, advertising rates will rise with the number of subscribers. But Sustaining Sponsors pay a single flat rate over their 13-, 26-, or 52-week contract – a very low rate aimed to reward you for your support.

  • Save more money. After your initial 13-, 26-, or 52-week contract expires, as a Sustaining Sponsor you can renew once for the same period at your original rate – no matter how many subscribers the newsletters then have.

  • Benefit from flexibility. As a Sustaining Sponsor, you're free to rotate your ads through the two newsletters if you wish.
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