March 6, 2002

Dear HealthESites subscriber:

I apologize for not publishing the newsletter in the last few
weeks. First I got engulfed in finishing a book project, and then
I had a death in the family that required me to be out of town
for nine days.

I've decided to temporarily continue the break from publishing so
that I can focus all my attention on my paying clients (I'm a
full-time freelance writer). I love writing the newsletter, but
it takes a lot of time and does not generate any revenue.

I plan to resume publishing HealthESites in late spring or
early summer. If you'd like to receive the newsletter when it
resumes, you need do nothing - you're already subscribed. In the
regrettable event that you want to unsubscribe, please follow the
instructions at the end of this message.

I'm sorry about the break in publishing, and appreciate your

Bruce Maxwell
Editor, HealthESites
Silver Hammer Publishing