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Every week brings a flood of health news from around the world – results from clinical studies, drug announcements, news about new treatments, government reports, and more. But who can keep up with it all?

Now you can by subscribing to Health Newsbrief, a free newsletter that automatically delivers the most important health news to your e-mail mailbox each week.

Each issue provides summaries of the latest health news from newspapers, magazines, medical journals, and government reports, along with links to the original documents. If you'd like to see the latest issues, check the archive.

Subscribing to Health Newsbrief is the best way to stay on top of the most important health news. The newsletter is written for consumers, but also should be useful to medical librarians, physicians, and other medical professionals.

Health Newsbrief is researched and written by Bruce Maxwell, an investigative journalist and author who has written numerous books about finding information on the Internet, including How to Find Health Information on the Internet.

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