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My privacy policy is simple. Under absolutely no circumstances will I rent, swap, or otherwise share your e-mail address with anyone else. Nor will I use your e-mail address for any purpose other than sending you the newsletter(s) to which you've subscribed.

To help protect your privacy, I send you an e-mail message after you subscribe requiring you to confirm your subscription. To do so, you just have to hit your reply button. This prevents other people from subscribing you to dozens or hundreds of mailing lists to clog your mailbox.

I do occasionally analyze my server logs, but I look at the data only in aggregate – never at the individual subscriber level. For example, the logs tell me what domain you were at immediately before you visited my site. By looking at these data in aggregate I can see which domains are pushing traffic to my site, which can be useful in evaluating my publicity and advertising efforts.

I don't care –and don't look at – who reaches my site from a particular domain. I just examine the raw numbers to see which domains are pushing traffic to my site.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy, please send an e-mail message to and I'll respond as quickly as possible.

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